iAssetTM is an integrated data management repository solution specifically designed to view and manage physical and digital stored E&P data. It is widely used in the oil and gas industry and with its modular design it offers great flexibility for viewing a company’s petrotechnical data as well as the more conventional corporate and financial records.
As an information management solution iAssetTM provides a single entry point to multiple digital and physical data catalogues. Individual users can tailor the view to their own requirements, reflecting the differing needs of data managers, geologists and stakeholders. Restricted views also allow contractors and partners to only view specified data.

Key Features

  • Manage physical and digital data in the same application
  • Deployed installation or cloud/hosted version available
  • Clear folder based view of data assets which gives access to well data, seismic data and regional data
  • Search/interrogation facilities
  • Automate and streamline the order & delivery of data assets
  • Integrates with corporate ArcGIS server or ArcGIS online.
  • Highly secure access to key data
  • Share data with partners
  • Cloud version hosted at secure regional data centres with high availability and redundancy














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