PARS® (Project Archive and Retrieval System) from Interica is an advanced archiving solution that allows a company to manage complex digital content for long term knowledge retention, compliance and storage management. PARS® has been used extensively by Oil and Gas Companies to archive exploration data for the last 15 years. PARS® is also applicable to non E&P applications, for use in other parts of the business or in other industries.

PARS® as an archiving solution

Decisions are based on information from many disciplines and applications. This information resides in many diverse systems. PARS® allows you to capture all this information in one consistent archive object. PARS® allows you to comprehensively describe this information for future reference. Most of all PARS® makes sure that you can find and restore this information when you need it.

PARS® as a backup solution

PARS® supports project oriented backups by intelligently scheduling archive jobs – this is widely adopted by many PARS® customers. This gives data managers the ability to bring whole projects back online very quickly after system failures. It has inbuilt rollback features so that live projects can be ‘rewound’ to a point in time. This has been used successfully to ‘repair’ data corruptions and wind back projects where poor processing decisions have been made. In contrast to traditional backup methods the integrity of your project is maintained.

PARS® and your operations

PARS® can be integrated to most applications. A powerful set of integration methods can take advantage of vendors’ SDKs and utilities. As a leading oil and gas data archiving solution provider, PARS® also interfaces with mainstream exploration geotechnical applications such as Landmark’s SeisWorks®, OpenWorks® and CDA, Schlumberger Petrel* and GeoFrame.

PARS® has configurable free-text, manual and automatic metadata collection methods. Descriptions for each archive can be captured with pre-loaded standard lookups to enable accurate future searches. Automatic methods decrease the possibility of user input errors and inconsistency.

Why use PARS®?

  • Store complete knowledge of project decisions
  • Regulatory compliance (or unregulated governance)
  • Query information without necessarily restoring
  • Free up precious disk space
  • Verified integrity of data in archive

How does PARS® work?

  • Using your policies and procedures to identify data
  • Using your standard naming conventions
  • Keeps the users productive
  • Frees up expensive primary storage
  • Uses existing storage more efficiently
  • Frees up data administrators time for other tasks
  • Intuitive web interface makes PARS® accessible throughout your organisation

PARS® Extended Features:

Maps & Spatial Metadata

Archive Replication

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