IHS Petra®

Interica's Project Archive and Retrieval System PARS®  is an advanced archiving solution that allows a company to manage complex digital content for long term knowledge retention, compliance and storage management.

PETRA® from IHS is an integrated application with a common data base and interface for project and data management, well log analysis, mapping, cross-sections, seismic integration, production and reservoir analysis, and 3D visualisation.

Key Features

  • Automatic discovery of PETRA® projects in your environment
  • Capture of PETRA® project data, reports and user interpretation data
  • Support for PETRA® workgroups
  • Quality control check of projects prior to archive
  • Capture of project co-ordinate reference system information
  • Project aware backups of PETRA® data
  • Multi-Platform support for Windows, Linux and Solaris

PETRA® Project Identification

PARS® can be configured to locate PETRA projects either by using defined Workgroups or by scanning filesystems (typically overnight). When a project is located a number of checks are performed on it’s structure to confirm it is a valid
PETRA® project. As the projects are automatically located no browsing is required at the time of archive/backup.

Project QC Check

As part of the project archive user interpretation data is captured where possible. The QC check validates the access to user data, thus ensuring that no preventable errors occur during the archive phase. If the project is checked out at the time of archive, the archiver will be alerted to this and can choose whether to proceed with the archive or not.

Metadata Review

When analysing the PETRA® project PARS® extracts key metadata fields. The metadata fields include the project extent co-ordinates, CRS and datum, projection, XYUnits and filesystem project directories. The spatial location of the project will optionally be displayed on an ArcGIS map. This provides the archiver with the opportunity to review or amend key information prior to archive.

Project Information Reports

Detailed metadata for the project is captured in web pages associated with the project archive. The reports include the project activity history, PETRA® reports and images associated with the project. This metadata is searchable and available without requiring a restore of the project.