Landmark R5000

Landmark R5000 is a synchronous release of Landmark technologies for DecisionSpace®, improving insight from data in ways never before possible.
PARS offers comprehensive support for project aware archiving and backup of LandMark R5000 projects. As a Landmark partner PARS has access to detailed project information (metadata) which is then stored with the archive to enable fast location and restore of your projects when required.

Key Features

  • Multi-column display in the Project list – Shows relationships between Interpretation, OW, and survey projects
  • Select multiple projects and assign both common and independent metadata. Each project is archived independently in one archive job.
  • Support for CDA metadata if CDA is installed. The CDA data can be either automatically generated or existing
  • CDA web pages incorporated within the PARS HTML metadata.
  • Easy Web Interface supporting flexible sort and filtering options

Flexible Archive Modes

PARS R5000 can be configured to run in two different modes: User or Data Manager. The Data Manager mode is more flexible but requires some knowledge of the internal structure of OpenWorks R5000. In the data manager view the relationship between interpretation projects, OpenWorks projects and surveys are displayed.

Project data archived will be determined by the project type selected as indicated below.

Project Type Data Archived
OpenWorks Project Oracle export of the project
OW_SYS_DATA (site option
Interpretation Project definition data
Survey 3D seismic and horizons
2D survey lines

Project Information Reports

PARS creates detailed project information reports and links them to the archive. This detailed metadata is available in easy to browse web pages. The reports enable key project information to be accessible without requiring a full restore of the project.
Detailed information is collected for all Seismic and Interpretation within the project. This comprehensive metadata is fully searchable from the PARS web interface.