Paradigm Epos®

The Paradigm® Epos® Data Management system presents a new approach to data management which is truly aligned to the activities of Oil and Gas companies – an agile, distributed database which removes the constraints and data duplication requirements of legacy systems. Mature, flexible, and feature-rich, the Epos® database can be easily adapted to changing performance requirements and storage locations as datasets change and grow.

PARS® offers comprehensive support for project aware archiving and backup of Epos® projects. Detailed project information (metadata) is stored with the archive to enable fast location and restore of your projects when required.

Key Features

  • Performs QC check for projects in use.
  • Integrated Epos® PNS segment server to get project list.
  • Integrated with Epos® utilities to gather the project studies for archive.
  • Option to archive linked seismic master surveys.
  • Extensive automatic metadata collection includes a table of linked seismic master surveys whether archived or not.

Metadata Collection

The PARS® – Epos®4 integration provides the ability to capture comprehensive project information at the time of archive. The metadata shown below is the default configuration and can be customized by Enigma support engineers or by PARS® administrators.

There are 3 core types of metadata stored in the PARS® database and viewable via the Restore Wizard:

  • Standard metadata collected by PARS® during the archive process.
  • Manual metadata entered during the preparation of the archive.
  • Automatic metadata extracted from the project during the archive
  • High level metadata is stored in fields in the PARS® database.
  • Project sub-data-object metadata is stored in a project information reports associated with the archive.

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