PARS offers comprehensive support for project aware archiving and backup of Petrosys™ projects. All project data and references to external data are captured in the archive. Detailed project information or metadata is stored with the archive to enable fast location and restore of your projects when required.

Petrosys™ provides a family of technical software, with particular emphasis on the requirements of the petroleum exploration and production environment. The core Petrosys™ products revolve around the creation of maps and the underlying management and analysis of geoscientific and engineering information.

Key Features

  • Automatic discovery of Petrosys™ projects in your environment
  • Valuable maps can be archived at key project milestones or on a routine basis
  • Manage snapshots and create time-stamped map archives
  • Comprehensive metadata capture including Petrosys reports, mapsheets and project summary information
  • Key project CRS information discovered and archived
  • Support for project aware backups of Petrosys data
  • Multi-Platform support for Windows, Linux & Solaris

Archiving Process

PARS automatically identifies Petrosys™ projects within your environment. The Archiver is then presented with a list of projects to select from. The project name is displayed coupled with key information to identify the project
including the location, project owner and last modification time:

Key project information is collected, validated and associated with the archive:

Project Data Capture

PARS archives your valuable maps at key milestones in your project’s lifecycle. These milestones can include: reaching an important conclusion, completion of the project, a major joint venture investment or as part of reserves redetermination.
If referenced data is held externally to the project in applications such as Schlumberger Petrel, IHS Kingdom or other 3rd party systems Petrosys connects to, these references are stored with the archive.

Project Information Reports

PARS creates detailed project information reports and links them to the archive. These reports include a project summary, map sheet details & embedded Petrosys™ project reports where available. This detailed metadata is associated to the archive record in easy to browse web pages, enabling key project information to be accessible without requiring a full restore of the data.

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