Schlumberger GeoFrame

In Schlumberger GeoFrame the integrated reservoir characterization system gives you the freedom to precisely describe the subsurface throughout your entire exploration and development workflow.

PARS offers comprehensive support for project aware archiving and backup of GeoFrame projects. Typically PARS is responsible for GeoFrame project backups within an organisation, creating a point in time copy of the project and all
ancillary data. PARS can locate project data stored across multiple filesystems. When a project restore is required PARS will restore the project back to the original locations or alternatively a new location. The fully functioning GeoFrame project is quickly available again for use.

Key Features

  • Intelligent use of the backup cycle ensures full backups are given priority when required.
  • Support for backup windows to ensure backups do not interfere with the working day.
  • GeoFrame 3, 4, 4.5 and later versions are supported.

GeoFrame Multiple Object Reports

PARS selects GeoFrame multiple object
reports from projects during the archive
process. These reports are stored with
the archive.

Project Information Reports

PARS creates detailed project information reports and links them to the GeoFrame archive. These reports are searchable from within the PARS web interface. Project information typically captured include well, borehole,survey and fault information.

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