Schlumberger Petrel*

The PARS Petrel Ocean module integrates with the Ocean ecosystem to leverage comprehensive access to Petrel projects and the seismic data they reference. Ocean enables PARS to extract very detailed metadata from the projects and optionally archive underlying seismic data.

Petrel E&P Software Platform helps increase reservoir performance by improving asset team productivity. Geophysicists, geologists, and reservoir engineers can develop collaborative workflows and integrate operations to streamline processes.

Key Features

  • PARS Ocean plugin integrated into the Petrel environment.
  • Optional collection of referenced seismic data.
  • Support for Petrel 2007 projects onwards.
  • Detailed project information collected as metadata.
  • Capture of project extent and CRS information.
  • Filesystems are searched to locate Petrel projects.




Integrating to the Petrel Environment

The PARS Petrel Ocean module integrates within the
Petrel environment as a plug-in. This plug-in enables
PARS to continually monitor the project through its
lifecycle and record metadata as the project is updated.

Project Information Reports

Project information reports are created during the archive process and contain information on wells, boreholes, faults & horizons. All information in the project reports is searchable through the PARS web interface.

Linking Project Information

Logical relations that exist in the data such as that between wells and boreholes are preserved in the metadata reports to enable faster location of relevant data.

Petrel* is a mark of Schlumberger.