Reserves Guard™

Overstating oil and gas reserves can have a negative impact on financial security, market reputation and market ratings. If challenged by auditors, the evidence behind estimates can be required quickly – in a matter of days. How confident are you that you could access your data?

Reserves Guard is a proven oil & gas archiving and retrieval solution that integrates corporate compliance with effective knowledge management for all your geotechnical assets, with the minimum amount of effort, cost or disruption.

Reserves Guard is:

  • Quick – your geotechnical staff can be trained in two hours
  • Efficient – captures the information from archived data that your people already hold
  • Effective – creates comprehensive audit trails
  • Scalable – deploys across your enterprise globally, with a web interface, letting you manage data locally, regionally and centrally
  • Reserves Guard is the answer to achieving compliance control. Want to find out more?

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