SmartMove is a proven, cross platform, software solution that controls tiered on-line data. Easy and flexible to use, it works automatically to match your policies, procedures, conventions and schedules. It identifies, moves, copies, migrates and archives data files/directories, assigning data to appropriate storage based on its strategic value to your organisation. Data is kept available to users and applications, avoiding lost time and money.

SmartMove delivers:

  • Effective storage management, keeping you in control of your data
  • You have the right data at the right time and in the right place
  • Compliance and governance
  • Improved end user and administrator productivity
  • Reduced storage Total Cost of Ownership


SmartMove features:

  • A policy engine for your organisation’s policies and schedules
  • Supports tape, disk,CAS and optical media
  • Uses open migration protocols and standard OS links
  • File/directory structures match your retention policies
  • Full reporting functionality including: Discovery of type, age, owner and cost benefit analysis
  • Does not take over your environment or get between users and their data
  • When the migration is complete, SmartMove is out of the data path

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