SmartProtect is Interica’s new data discovery, analysis and protection solution developed specifically for independent Oil and Gas companies. Designed to manage application based projects, seismic volumes and unstructured content; it enables users to take control of their technical data landscapes in a much more efficient and automated way.

The solution provides users with the tools to:

  • Protect datasets for long term compliance and knowledge retention through intelligent archiving
  • Resolve issues with data quality
  • Create a more efficient working environment for geoscientists

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SmartProtect provides Oil and Gas companies with easy to use functionality that allows them to leverage a number business benefits including:


Discover all of your application project data in one view, make better decisions and protect business critical datasets.


Increase team and individual productivity through working with cleaner, smaller and well defined datasets.


Reduce risk and ensure your data is protected at key lifecycle decision points.


Save costs associated with the online storage of data, eliminate duplicated datasets, utilise innovative cloud storage solutions.

Knowledge Retention

Capture the IP of the company in a single secure location for future use.


Discover, analyse, act


  • Scan projects and seismic data, to understand their content
  • Enhance content statistics with file level information to understand storage information
  • Bring together common project attributes to view multiple applications in a single view
  • Scan through any specified file systems to give visibility of the full data landscape


  • Provide users with interrogation tools to search, filter and export information for analysis
  • Allow users to explore data through interactive reports
  • Provide custom notifications to administrators to support data management policies
  • Visualise data geospatially and contextually through the ARCGIS web map


  • Provide users with the ability to archive data for long term protection
  • Provide users with the ability to delete data from source for storage management
  • Extract rich meta-data to describe detailed content of a project i.e. seismic, well and  interpretation information for easy inspection
  • Identify and retrieve subsets and complete datasets quickly when needed

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