E & P operations amass physical and digital data from their active and dormant wells and fields. It is often kept in diverse physical and virtual locations, using varying methods and under differing conditions. If the system fails, often when data is known to exist but simply can’t be found, or if data quality is not maintained, work cannot proceed efficiently or effectively. Assets may not be exploited. Time, money, effort and opportunity are wasted as data has to be found, reacquired, reprocessed or reinterpreted.

The risk of waste and lost asset value is greatest at crucial times in an asset’s life, such as acquisition or divestment, asset or crew change, data additions or transmittal, or when there is a fundamental problem of data complexity. Asset data integrity is a necessity, all of the time. That’s where Interica comes in.

At the heart of Interica are our people. They understand the data challenges in the E & P industry and deliver practical solutions that add value to operations of all sizes and complexity, from independent exploration companies to National Oil Companies (NOCs).They bring vast experience and insight to designing, configuring, installing, maintaining and supporting effective implementations for our clients.

We deliver enterprise level solutions at every stage of the subsurface asset lifecycle. They are aligned to your business processes, integrated to your applications and aligned to your data organisation. Our vendor neutral approach offers compatibility with operating systems, file systems and hardware to suit your chosen architecture.

We guarantee you independent and cost effective solutions for optimal performance and peace of mind – whatever your information management problem.

Our Solutions Include: