National Data Repositories

Full service virtual and physical asset repositories are an established feature in global energy markets.

Industry Problems

NDRs are a vital tool in the commercialisation of subsurface state assets, but the main focus of the commissioning agency is to drive sales value. The detailed mechanics of handling the NDR process involve significant effort, time and complexity, to ensure controlled disclosure and sale of the assets. An effective outsourced solution is an ideal, efficient strategy to adopt in most instances.

The Solution

The principles of Interica’s approach to subsurface asset management are ideally suited to the creation and commercialisation of NDRs. We can provide a one stop, full service solution for asset repositories, scaled and fully tailored to your specific requirements. Virtual and physical resources are combined to provide secure, confidential access to data for bidding companies. This can cover everything from facilities management, through easy digital data access, to negotiation and final agreed sales transactions and administration. Your clients will be engaged and asset sales will progress, consistently, effectively and efficiently.

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