Project Archiving

The oil and gas industry relies on hundreds of applications to find and develop its reservoir assets. The knowledge generated from these applications is the lifeblood of upstream oil and gas companies, used daily to make critical business decisions. Securing this knowledge and making it available enterprise wide is a key competitive edge.

Industry Problems

Throughout a reservoir’s life cycle, exploration and production generates masses of digital data that must be incorporated into the existing reservoir model to enhance understanding whilst previously exploited data, no longer needed for daily operations, can be archived. But archiving isn’t a matter of keeping all your files, backing them up or maybe just ignoring the subject altogether. Effective data and knowledge management requires effective archiving to:

  • Keep your data safe yet accessible
  • Free up expensive primary storage space by removing archived data
  • Maintain system and application data, with full visibility of project decisions
  • Enable decision making, governance, compliance and strategic advantage

The Solution – Interica Project Archive and Retrieval System PARSPARS IMAGE

PARS® is Interica's vendor independent solution for best practice archiving. It archives data from all your systems and applications in one place. It comprehensively tags and describes the data for future reference and use. It helps you to save, protect, find, copy, move and restore data quickly, easily and safely. PARS® works automatically or on demand, whenever you need it, saving time, minimising costs and eliminating risks.

PARS® is a complete, proven and consistent archiving system that:

  • Works to your policies, procedures and conventions
  • Easily integrates with your current and new applications (including a wide range of geotechnical applications in Oil & Gas, E&P)
  • Handles multiple directories, databases and external references
  • Describes all your data with rich, automatic and manual metadata tags

PARS® Archiving Key Features:

  • An intuitive web interface for access across your organisation
  • Support for tape, disk and optical storage
  • Intelligent archive scheduling
  • Configurable automatic and manual metadata capture to suit your operational needs
  • Powerful integration methods using vendor SDK’s and utilities
  • Archives the application’s view of the data
  • Pre-loaded standard lookups for accurate future searching
  • Query data without restore
  • Integrated with PARS structured Backup for a fully featured archiving solution suite.

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