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The Oil and Gas industry generates vast quantities of data to help interpret and model the Earth’s subsurface in order to find reserves. Generally, this data is saved to disk and as the numbers of projects grow, understanding and identifying existing current vs. historical data can become increasingly time consuming and difficult. Having a data management solution that provides a complete picture of the past and current data landscape is therefore essential to make informed business decisions.

Industry Problems

Challenges in the management of geotechnical project data can arise because:

  • Data may be difficult to find on disk as some applications allow project data to be saved anywhere, or users don’t save data according to company data management practices.
  • Disk storage space may become an issue and companies need to identify which project data can be archived to free up storage space on live disks.
  • Project data needs to be retrieved quickly, cheaply and with no loss of information in order to preserve the value of the data.
  • Companies have numerous disks that need to be managed simultaneously.


The Solution – Interica’s Data Management Solutions

Interica provides integrated data solutions and consultancy services for the oil and gas industry by combining petrotechnical project archiving expertise and technology infrastructure with sophisticated geoscience asset management. The digital and physical data management services and products Interica provides, offer businesses an effective and efficient solution to streamline essential workflows.

Identify, analyse and act with Interica Project Resource Manager

Project Resource Manager™ provides real insight into your data landscape. Designed to identity any structured data generated by multiple applications, it gives a detailed report of a company’s data assets. Statistics about the project, such as age, size, date of last access, files etc. are collected by analysing the data on disk. In addition, application specific project metadata is generated from within the project providing a comprehensive view of the data. With this wealth of information available, business critical decisions can be made regarding the management of valuable project data.

Project Resource Manager™ Key Features

  • Provides a complete picture of past and current project data presented in a graphical interface.
  • Designed for the use in environments where projects have been generated by multiple applications.
  • Ability to scan and look inside any project data landscape to gather both external and internal project statistics.
  • Visualise projects on an ArcGIS map.
  • Filter projects on various parameters such as: -
    - Spatial parameters for all projects for a particular application
    - Project attributes
    - Projects based metadata criteria
  • Supports most major E&P geotechnical applications including: Landmark R5000, Schlumberger Petrel, GeoFrame, Petrosys™ and IHS Kingdom® etc. The internal structure of Project Resource Manager™ allows other applications to be easily configured.
  • Integrates with PARS (Interica’s Project Archive & Retrieval Solution) to allow seamless archiving of identified projects.












Project Resource Manager™ offers a comprehensive identify, analyse, and act approach that delivers a complete overview of your geophysical data landscape.

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Project Resource Manager™
Manage data generated by multiple applications to report on the entire project data landscape.

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