Subsurface Data Management Services

Oil & Gas operations collect data that describes and values their assets, keeping it in diverse methods and conditions, disseminated in various physical and virtual locations, often without consistent availability and access to key staff within the organisation, its partners and potential asset purchasers. Often key knowledge is in people’s minds rather than in words, pictures or reality.

Traditionally this data was often physical, in the form of reports and magnetic tape. Today historical data is still stored physically but new, active data is generated in digital form and needs to be managed digitally.

Industry Problems

Most corporations have established enterprise document management systems which aim to control and deploy the knowledge held within the business. Some companies rely upon simpler technology such as Windows Explorer and spreadsheets and strive to achieve similar goals. Subsurface data, however, presents particular problems and does not fit comfortably into generalist, IT led systems. When geologists and geophysicists cannot easily use the system, often when the data is known to exist but can’t be found, they can’t get on with their work.

For businesses approaching crucial reservoir lifecycle events, or those where expensive mistakes have been made in the past because of a lack of asset data integrity, a solution focused on the needs of the asset team is a necessity.

The Solution - Interica Data Management Services

We deliver asset data integrity.

We are expert in the efficient, professional management of subsurface asset data, documents, reports and information. We work with your digital data and physical records to create comprehensive, yet lean, digital master catalogues that hold everything current and of value relating to your organisation’s assets. We can scale catalogues to handle only limited information types, such as contracts or JV data, or contain all data on specific assets or groupings such as individual wells, up to fields, regions and complete portfolios. Whatever the size of the task, we apply our unique, rigorous 3 step approach to the requirements of every client project delivery:

Step 1: Control: By scoping, analysing and capturing your data we take control and implement a structured solution to match your cataloguing and secure digital and physical storage needs.

Step 2: Conditioning: We apply a methodical process of transcription, refining, combining, de-duplication, quarantine and other data conditioning techniques to enable a fully featured Digital Master Catalogue to be created and stored ready for use.

Step 3: Currency: To maintain currency of the catalogue we can capture and refine updated information and integrate it with the established data to produce a final version at an agreed frequency.

Your digital master catalogue is then complete and accurate, held in one place, securely and ready for data access and use, usually and most effectively via Interica's iAsset Portal. You are enabled to realise the true value of your assets and your business is ideally placed to meet its compliance and governance goals.

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