Tape Management Software

Networked tape is a very cost effective storage option, but it can be complex and difficult to manage. Effective tape storage requires effective management to reduce complexity, keep data available, centralise data access, maintain data integrity and optimise costs.

Industry Problems

Some of the world’s largest companies are reliant upon tape as a practical and affordable storage medium but the scale, complexity and multiple locations of their tape resources can lead to data loss, poor storage optimisation and consequent high costs and inefficiency.

The Solution – IDS

Interica are world leaders in the development of enterprise tape storage management software. Our IDS product is used by the world’s largest businesses to manage their tape based archives, backups & off-site DR.

Our solutions provide powerful, centralised tape management capability. From one server it is possible to manage multiple tape libraries and in excess of 100,000 tapes. The solution is presented as a simple networked black box to which users can store and retrieve massive amounts of data seamlessly.

Modern tape libraries are capable of impressive speeds, often greater than the speed at which data can be transferred to them across the network. To ensure the best possible performance, local disk caching is utilised to keep the tape library working at maximum efficiency. To further increase performance and availability of the system it is possible to have 100 concurrent read/write connections.

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