Tiered Storage Management

Effective data management requires effective storage management.

Industry Problems

In every industry businesses need to deal with explosive data growth. Typically around 80% of unstructured data held on Network Attached Storage has not been accessed in 6 months. The challenge is to identify this data and relocate it to cheaper storage, whilst still keeping the data accessible for users who want online access and visibility of their work all the time. An efficient approach to Tiered Storage Management is required, to end the tug-of-war for disk resources between users and administrators.

The Solution - Interica SmartMove

SmartMove™ from Interica offers a complete solution for Tiered Storage Management of unstructured data, from initial data classification to ongoing housekeeping, suited to most industries. Vendor neutral SmartMove does just what it says. It intelligently moves data to the best value storage options whilst giving transparent data access, classification and storage reporting. It responds to your organisation’s policies and schedules, moving, migrating and archiving data files and directories yet keeping data available to users and applications. In short, you’ll have the right data at the right time and in the right place.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Data classification & Storage Reporting
  • Transparent data access
  • Housekeeping
  • Delete by policy
  • Vendor independent

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